What Are Psychedelics?

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I seek to create an accessible and balanced language around the diverse and complex implications of these substances. This language is a primary element of what I offer as an author and a public speaker. Although there are numerous different topics that intersect with psychedelics here on the site (such as emotional intelligence, religious history, psychotherapy, and sexuality) below you will find a good starting to approach my perspective on psychedelics in particular.


“Psychedelic is formed of two greek words. ‘Psyche’ meaning the mind, or soul and ‘delos’ meaning to manifest or make clear. Simply put, psychedelic means mind-manifesting.

In particular, psychedelic is a term often used to reference towards a type of psychoactive substances. More broadly it references the altered state of consciousness, “the psychedelic experience”, that these substances occasion and the culture and ideas that emerge from those experiences.

The psychedelic experience transformed my life. It gave me an entirely new angle to consider myself and my experiences of the world. Brought me into a deeply visceral understanding of my path in this life.

My journey with the psychedelic experience has permeated my every waking moment. In a way, what it unlocked insofar as my self-awareness has followed me since the first moment I saw the sky on magic mushrooms when I was 16 years old.

It has offered me great happiness, clarity, and insight, but not every time. I have made many mistakes in how I approached it, and so it has also sent me spiraling into suffering, illness, and dejection. Yet somehow, puzzled in the midst of the highs and lows it unlocked to my conscious mind, it offered me a profoundly beneficial sense meaning in life.

My path is to unwrap that meaningfulness so as to better understand it and in turn share it with others; helping to awaken and inspire people in their relationship to this cherished state of consciousness and awareness and helping to manage the risks and potentially save people from hurting themselves by the sharp edge of ignorant use.