How it Works!

Before contacting us or placing an order on Psychedeler, make sure you are serious, ready and willing to complete the payment for your order. Follow the link below to know more about the rules for dealing.


Shipping and Delivery

We can deliver to all locations worldwide. We already set up a strong delivery system that connects us to every single location across the globe. No matter how far you may be, your product will reach you within 5 days at most including weekends.  We have a professional packaging team with over 8 years of experience in shipping internationally. Packaging is 100% discreet and reliable. All orders come in through the mail. Do not bother asking, we can ship to all destinations worldwide.


Order and Payment

The ordering process is simple. Choose the product you need, add to cart proceed to check out and then complete the payment for your order.  You can choose any one of the payment methods that we accept. We accept the following payment methods.


Bitcoin Payment

The best payment method you should use is Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies like Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash Monero, Dash and others.

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Wire Transfers

Wire transfers includes payments like Western Union, MoneyGram and Banks transfers. Bank transfers are reserved for payments over 5000 USD.

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Payment with Gift Cards

Y0u can use Gift Cards to pay if you are located in Europe or the United States. We accept Walmart Gift Cards, Vanilla Visa Gift Cards for the United States and Amazon Gift Cards for Europe.

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Questions and Answers

Yes, we have Caluanie for sale. We have the highest quality of Caluanie manufactured in the United States. If you are looking for the best quality online, we will offer you exactly what you need. Quick international shipping.
We can ship to all locations internationally, shipping/delivery has never been a problem.
The best Payment method that we will accept is Bitcoin or other Crypto Currencies. Click here to learn more on how to buy Bitcoin instantly. We can also accept other payment methods like wire transfers and deposits. We can also accept Amazon Gift Cards for Europe and Vanilla Visa Gift Cards for the United States.
Yes, shipping is 100% Guaranteed, we can ship to all locations worldwide. We have a very effective delivery system already in place. Once you have successfully completed your order, be rest assured that you will have your package delivered to the stated address on time.
No, you must not contact us before placing an order, we can ship to all locations worldwide. Simply follow all the payment instructions to complete your order successfully. Once your order is completed, your package will be delivered within 2 to 5 days.
When we started operating online, we noticed that many customers will place multiple orders and never come through with the payment. Some customers were intentionally spamming the website with a single customer placing as much as 50 orders a day with no intention to fulfill any. These made it very difficult to distinguish the real orders from the fake ones. In order to counteract this, we had to develop a system to which prohibits any customer who places an order but does not pay for it. The system permanently prohibits such customers from further placing an order or using our services.
Psychedeler is the most legitimate and reliable research chemical supplier online. We are one of the most reputable research chemical online shops online. We are the only research chemical store with a 100% success rate with international delivery.