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We have MXE online available for as a research chemical. Buy the purest powder methoxetamine online only on Methoxetamine, abbreviated as MXE, is a dissociative hallucinogen that has been sold as a designer drug. , MXE appears to be much stronger than ketamine, suggesting a higher risk of overdose.




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Buy Methoxetamine Online| Order MXE

If you are a researcher looking for where to buy MXE online and other chemicals, consider taking a look at our menu. We have a good amount of all the products you will need. MXE is an odorless, white powder that may be taken orally, inhaled through the nose, or injected.

MXE is reported to have effects very similar to that of ketamine. Many laboratories have held that it contains opioid properties because its structure is similar to 3-HO-PCP. This is just an assumption as the fact is not supported by data, which shows an insignificant affinity for the µ-opioid receptor by the compound. Recreational use of MXE might lead to hospitalization especially when used in combination with other drugs or alcohol. Cases of hospitalization have been found in the UK and the US.

The Formula is: C15H21NO2
The Molar mass is: 247.33 g/mol
The Boiling point is: 732.2°F (389°C)
The ChemSpider ID is: 24721792
The PubChem CID is: 52911279

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What is Methoxetamine?

The name MXE stands for methoxetamine, or its full name, 2-(3-methoxyphenyl)-2-(ethylamino) cyclohexanone. MXE is a drug from the arylcyclohexylamines family of compounds. Arylcyclohexylamines also include ketamine and PCP, which are two drugs that have been around for decades, and which have been used for anesthesia in humans and animals.

How long the effects last and the drug stays in your system depends on factors like the dosage you have taken, your overall body weight, whether you’ve eaten before taking the drug and what other drugs you are taking MXE in combination with.

It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes for the effects of methoxetamine (MXE) to be set in, but sometimes it can take an hour to an hour and a half.

This delay can lead to users thinking that they have not taken enough just to end up overdosing on the drug.


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Ultraviolet, Zeolite, X, MXE, Mexxy, M-ket, MEX, Kmax, Special M, MA, legal Ketamine, Minx, Jipper and Roflcoptr.

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What does MXE look like?

Pure Methoxetamine is a white, odorless crystalline powder.

How is MXE taken?

As a powder, it can be snorted or placed under the tongue. It can be dissolved and then injected into muscles or directly into a vein.

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MXE had no documented history of human usage until it was first identified by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction in November 2010.


IUPAC Name: (RS)2-(3-methoxyphenyl)-2-(ethylamino)cyclohexanone.

Molecular Formula: C15H21NO2
Molecular Weight: 247.33 g/mol (Monoisotopic mass: 247.157)
Melting point: 227-233 °C (hydrochloride salt)
Boiling point: 389,084°C at 760 mm Hg

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The effects of MXE kick in within 10 to 20 minutes of consumption and last several hours, with after-effects lasting as long as two days. Some people complained that they felt “empty and drained” after its effects wore off.

Lower Doses (up to 20 mg):
These feelings can continue as an “afterglow” for one to two hours after the main effects of the drug wear off.

Feeling of calmness
Increased energy
Disconnection from problems and concerns
Higher doses (40 mg to 50 mg):
When taken in higher doses, the effects of MXE are much more intense (and more similar to related drugs like ketamine and PCP), including:

Feelings of intense intoxication
Auditory and visual hallucinations
Feeling disconnection from your body
Severe ataxia (lack of coordination and clumsiness)
Nystagmus (a condition that causes involuntary shaking or wobbling of the eyes)
Dissociation (often referred to as an m-hole parallel to the k-hole experience on ketamine)


Taking MXE with  Cannabis products has a high likeliness of getting intensified effects.  These effects are usually negative causing severe disorientation and distress, slurred speech and general difficulty communicating. Users can also become hyperthermic and hyperpyrexic, which is potentially fatal.


Withdrawal from MXE Methoxetamine

Once people have become addicted to the Methoxetamine drug, they are likely to experience symptoms related to its withdrawal when they stop taking the drug out of a sudden. These symptoms can range from benign to severe and can affect the body and mind in different ways, including:

Depressive thoughts, Insomnia, Memory loss, Impaired judgment, Disorientation, Clumsiness, Body aches, and pains


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    It was very gentle. My body became heavy and I felt a mild disassociated feeling slowly creeping in, that got stronger over time. It was not unpleasant though, I did felt relaxed.

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