Rules to Follow for a Successful Deal

We have a high number of customers contacting us trying to deal with us daily. We do not have the capacity to deal with just everyone. Plus, there are a couple of customers who are not acting in good faith. This is why we will only deal with the few people that we think are serious and are acting for a mutual benefit. To place a successful order with us, consider following the rules below

Our Word of Honor

*We promise to be helpful to everyone who contacts us in need of our products and services.

* We can ship to all locations worldwide.

*We assure all customers that as long as you place an order successfully, we will make sure that your package is delivered no matter your location.

*All orders will be delivered within the stipulated time frame.

*All our products are of the best quality

*We will send you exactly what you ordered for, no modification on your order.

*We promise an overall best experience on

Simple Rules you Must Follow when Dealing on

The rules below are to be followed strictly as the continual survival of our business depends on it.  We will not bend the rules for any reason.

* Only contact us or place an order when you are ready and have the funds to pay for your order.

* We will NOT Meet up with customers who have never bought an Item from us before.

* We will only Meet up or give Consignments to customers who have made repeated purchases with us before and have been of good conduct.

* The ordering process is simple, you place your order, make the payment and we deliver.

* We can accept patial Payments for orders above 10,000 USD.

* All orders are handled on the website and all Payments are made upfront. No COD.

* We will only consider Cash on Delivery for Old customers.

* We will not engage in a discussion that is not related to our products or services.

* Before writing a bad review, please first contact us, we will definitely solve the problem in most cases.