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What is a Psychedelic Drug?

Before your Buy Psychedelic drugs online, there are a couple of things you need to know about them. Psychedelics are also known as psychotomimetic drug or hallucinogens.

Psychedelic drugs are any mind-expanding drugs that are able to trigger states of altered perception and thought, frequently with a heightened awareness of sensory input but with lessening control over what is being experienced. Buy the best psychedelic drugs online only on Psychedeler.

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What is a Hallucinogenic Drug?

Before buying hallucinogens online, you should at least know what it is.

A wide category of drugs that have the ability to affects a person’s awareness or their environment, thoughts and feelings are called Hallucinogens or Hallucinogenic Drugs.

Halucinogens are usually categories in 2 groups namely: Classic hallucinogens (for example LSD) and Dissociative drugs(for example PCP).

Both Hallucinogens might cause hallucinations and might alter a person’s visual and sound perception making them to see and hear things that are not there. This causes a feeling of complete disconnection of the body from its environment.

Some hallucinogens are extracted from natural sources like mushrooms and plants while some are synthesized in the laboratory.

There is a good history of people using hallucinogens for religious and healing reituals.

Recent times has recorded a great number of people using the drug as for social and recreational purpose.  Thesinclude; to have fun, deal with stress, have spiritual experiences, or just to feel different.

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What are the types of Psychedelics for sale on Psychedeler?

We have a wide variety of psychedelic drugs available for sale online. They can be categorized in the following


  • Serotonergic (classical psychedelic drugs) – This are the most commonly know types of Psychedelic drugs. Thare the drugs that comes to a lay person’s mind when the word psychedelics is mentioned. Examples are ; Mushroom LSD, DMT, and Mescaline.  This drugs has the ability to affects the concious funtions of the brain and might cause a distotion in visual and hearing perception hence, hallucination.


  • Empathogens – these drugs affect serotonin secretion. Users of this drug have reported the feeling of euphoria, love, and increased attentiveness and awareness. A trip from this psychedelic drugs might cause a slight distortion in users vision and hearing. Examples are MDMA, MDA, MDEA, MDOH, MBDB, 6-APB, methylone, mephedrone, αMT, and αET, MDAI among others.


  • Dissociatives  The two main effects that disassociative psychedelics create in its users are; the sense of depersonalization and a feeling of derealization. Users tend to feel disconnected from the world, their environment, and even their own bodies. Examples are: PCP (Phencyclidine) Ketamine, DXM (Dextromethorphan), Salvia divinorum.